Scene Peng   + Trailer  + Transcript
Kármán Sequence ER-01
Collaborator (duo): Weilun Qin
Year: 2022

The Karman line is a boundary 62 miles above mean sea level that borders Earth’s atmosphere and the beginning of space, and the Karman Sequence is the pursuit of unity between space science and graphic design initiated by Shanghai-based graphic designer Scene Peng and Delft-based aerospace engineer Weilun Qin. In harmony with nature and future, it outputs scientific thinkings and design logic through various forms and discussions. In this metallic Karman Sequence ER-01, you will be introduced with a proposal of the satellite constellation in the Sun-synchronous orbit to extract solar power from space 24/7.

Made for The Energy Show at Het Nieuwe Instituut ︎︎︎