Scene Peng   + Trailer  + Transcript

Which Pill Will Be the Next?
CSM Winning Work of EUROSTAR / CSM / PSA 2017
Year: 2017

‘A powerful idea expressed simply and elegantly, displaying an awareness of contemporary events as well as strong technical skills’
- Linda Jarvin, Dean of the Paris College of Art

‘I think – without exception - all the judges were moved by this work. By such direct and clear means an idea is communicated that goes straight to the heart’
- Chloe Briggs, Head of Foundation, Paris College of Art

'There is a melancholy and beauty in this work in equal measure, the gravity of the impact of Brexit on Britain, and therefore Europe is felt in this discreet and clever manner. The detail in the making of this artefact is exquisite.'
- Chris Roberts, Foundation Programme Director, Central Saint Martins

‘I loved this piece as not only did it visually communicate the loss of the UK from Europe, it evoked a genuine feeling of loss - making it a powerful, winning piece of design.’
- Oonagh O'Hagan, Foundation Curriculum Leader in Fashion & Textiles, Central Saint Martins

‘Scene’s work was immediately thought-provoking and evoked a real feeling of sadness. You could easily sense the fragility of the other pills/countries of the EU, through Scene’s beautifully-crafted pill box.’
- Daniela Glynn-Jones, Global Brand and Communications Manager, Eurostar